Hi, I’m Kim

I help nutrition-oriented health care professionals make money and a difference.

I know what you’re thinking…

The last thing you want to do is get another J-O-B that isn’t fulfilling where you end up trading time for dollars. Maybe you aren’t in a place where you’re ready to launch your own business. Or, maybe you want to expand your current business but don’t want to add something that’s a major time drain.

Good. Because that’s NOT what #nutritionsidehustle is all about!

I don’t sell any programs or training modules. I partner with you and teach you a quick and easy system so that you can earn extra income and start helping others right away! 

I am really just looking for ordinary geniuses 😊 in the healthcare industry who want to create great things for themselves and others but don’t necessarily want to take the time to create anything new! And, I offer mentorship and guidance, so we partner together every step of the way!

This can either be your primary side hustle, or support a dream side hustle!

This is doable, even if you have a 9-5 job!

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So what’s my story?

I think I was born to be an entrepreneur… or maybe I am just plain unemployable! 😊 Even while in school, I was always looking for different ways to express what I had learned. I have worked in just about every area of dietetics and after some time, I wasn’t happy with my pay, or the job proved unfulfilling, or I had to deal with a stressful environment. At times, I was asked to do things that didn’t align with my values so I had to walk away from very lucrative opportunities. And, frankly, I just didn’t feel I was really helping people very much!

I decided that having a side gig or two would be the answer. I started a private practice, wrote and published books and blogs, spoke internationally, was interviewed for radio and television, and consulted for advertising and nutrition industry companies. I invested thousands of dollars in experts to shorten my learning curve so I could get really good at all these side gigs. I learned so much and created lots of stuff! You can get the full picture of my BEFORE AND AFTER life here.

But there was a big challenge that came with all this activity: the more successful and driven I became, the more unsuccessful I felt about my life. And while the short-term income was nice, it didn’t fulfill my desire to have more time for myself and my family AND make a really great income! I was tired of trading time for dollars and feeling so unbalanced!

This was not what I wanted, but I felt stuck!

Then, I discovered a new way…. #nutritionsidehustle.

#nutritionsidehustle fits seamlessly into a well-seasoned private practice or is great for funding your start-up practice. The income you make can help you pay for training on social media, blogging, and coaching so you can really launch your ultimate dream side hustle (whatever that is). This is also perfect for anyone who just wants to earn a little income on the side and loves to help others!

#nutritionsidehustle has worked for other health care practitioners too!

And, as for me?

I’m way more balanced! I was able to transition from full time, to part time, to a big fat ZERO time working for someone else! I only work when I want to and I have had the privilege of being the mom who was “there” for her kids. I get to say yes to opportunities to travel the world and volunteer in my community. I have no one to report to, no vacation requests, no dress codes and no stressful commute! I’m not worried about where my next gig is coming from! I have grown #nutritionsidehustle into a significant side business and the coolest part is that I have the time and funds to expand into all kinds of fun ways to help others!

People have been telling me that I am inspired to them. In fact, one day someone called me “DrKimspiration”…and it stuck! Not a bad thing to be known for, right?

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