Hi! from ‘DrKimspiration’

I’ve done just about everything you can do in the nutrition field….all kinds of side hustles! But I’m most proud of what I have accomplished through #nutritionsidehustle!

Some of my past achievements when I thought working harder would get me my dream life (I just worked harder):

  • I began my undergraduate degree as a married 24 year-old after working for 7 years post high school
  • I graduated summa cum laude (highest of honors) with a BS in Nutrition from Arizona State University
  • I was one of the first registered dietitians in the country to be board certified in nutrition support
  • I earned a master’s degree in two years from Texas Tech University while working full time at a hospital
  • I earned a non-traditional PhD in Holistic Nutrition despite my RD colleagues telling me it “wouldn’t count”. Tell that to all of my thriving patients over the years! I started my own private practice while working full time
  • I convinced my employer to let me develop and operate a part time, off site telephone nutrition consultation service for late-stage cancer patients
  • I was a part-time employee and a paid consultant for CTCA during the same time period
  • I educated thousands of cancer patients through my contributions to Breast Cancer Wellness magazine, Cure, Coping, Myeloma Today, The Chicago Tribune, D Magazine and The Ireland Report as well as many other publications
  • I earned membership into the prestigious national speaker’s association membership
  • I scored a multi-year contract where I got paid $9,000 per US speaking engagement
  • I served on the advisory board for Singapore-based, CancerStory.com and other non-profit US-based organizations like Taking Control of Your Cancer and Friends Together.
  • I was interviewed by Dr. Andrew Weil as a spokesperson candidate (he ended up being his own spokesperson – now who could compete with that?!)
  • I spoke two years in a row at an international forum of the latest advancements in oncology clinical practice in Japan (Tokyo, Yokohama, and Kawasaki)
  • I started my own publishing company (NutriQuest, Inc) and wrote an award- winning book that sold over 300,000 copies and was translated into Japanese and developed into a distance-learning course
  • I authored a second book, “Give It to Me Straight: Q&A for No-Nonsense Nutrition”
  • I penned the foreword for the first-of-its-kind book in Japan on breast cancer and nutrition, “The Recipe for Breast Cancer” and I was honored to coauthor a book with Dr. Carl Helvie and Dr. Bernie Segal, “You Can Beat Lung Cancer”
  • I collaborated with international businesses like Asahi Elles (Tokyo), EuroRSCG Magnet and US-based Millennium Biotechnologies and Cancer Nutrition Centers of America.
  • I was chosen as a medical advisor for Lifetime Television’s Walgreen’s Health Corner Television I was invited to collaborate with Dr. John LaPuma (Chef MD)
  • I was selected to teach at the Center for Complementary Medicine in IL for the first U.S. government, grant-funded complementary and alternative medicine residency program
  • I was recognized on stage as a top team builder in all of North America and won a prestigious company award given to the very top performers.

Then I learned there was a better way to serve others, my family and myself. More important than what I did, here are some of the lessons I have learned along the way:

  • It’s not about me, ever. Unless…I am feeling defensive, angry or scared. Then I’ve made it about me.
  • Relaxed intensity. You go faster and achieve more when you chill out a bit.
  • Life doesn’t have to be hard and you don’t have to struggle to deserve a better life. Get rid of that victim and martyr mentality.
  • Find others you admire. Study them and try to be like them. Eventually you will become one of them.
  • Guard yourself against toxic people and news. Keep them in your heart by thinking kind things.
  • Don’t be afraid to shine brightly. When others see what you are doing, they are encouraged to think they might be able to do it too.
  • Look for what is good, and right in the world. You can’t deny the bad stuff, but most often you can’t change it….so why not focus on the positive?
  • Accept yourself. Whew! This might take many years but every day work a little more at giving yourself compassion.
  • Look for mentors everywhere. They are waiting for you too.
  • If you think you aren’t judgmental, think again. Being aware of what you don’t want to be is the first step to actually changing.
  • Every day. Before you know it, you are one smart cookie.
  • Talk less. Listen more.
  • Don’t aim to be right, aim to be understood and to understand.
  • Don’t wait to accomplish great things before you think you can inspire.
  • Don’t take the advice of others if they are in the same situation you are in.
  • And finally…..give more credit and gratitude to your family. They deserve it.

And most importantly, here is how I get to spend my time:

  • I’ve hiked the entire Inca Trail and camped in the Andes Mountains in Peru for 4 ½ days
  • After seeing the movie, “The Way”, I hiked the Camino de Santiago through the Pyrenees Mountains in France and all of northern Spain for 500 miles with 22 pounds on my back, by myself
  • I’ve summited two Fourteener’s…Pikes Peak and Mount Bierstadt in Colorado
  • I’ve drowned almost three times and still parasailed over the ocean and tried scuba diving
  • I’m still quite nervous in water….and recently kayaked 17 miles straight off the rugged Napali Coast in Kauai – rated the #2 adventure in America by National Geographic and kayaked with a pod of killer whales in British Columbia
  • I’ve rappelled off a cliff into a dark sink hole and ate termites in the Belizean jungle and ziplined and ATV’d in Costa Rica
  • I picked up running after the age of 50 and have run half-marathons in 25 states, placing 3rd in my age group at the Angel Fire Half Marathon, July 2016 and first in my age group at the Fayetteville, Arkansas Half Marathon, Nov 2018.
  • I take naps. Almost daily!
  • I have helped countless individuals stay home with their babies, make car payments, develop self-worth, have hope for their future, achieve profound health results and feel part of a community that is creating positive change around the world.
  • And the adventures continue…

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