Month: September 2019

Have you found yourself not exactly unhappy with your current job but perhaps feeling like it’s time to try something new on the side?

The truth is that for many of us, we love to have our fingers in lots of proverbial pies. Health care professionals just want to make a difference in so many ways!

Sometimes we have a hard time deciding if we want to go down that unlit road of a side hustle.

A little voice inside (you know, the one you often ignore?) begins to justify why you should just stay the same:

What if I have to learn too many things to make it work?

What if it takes me away from my family time?

What if I’m not any good at it?

What if the commute and expectations exceed my level of commitment?

But, being the creative, go-getters that we are…we end up saying yes, don’t we?

When I was offered a consultant gig with a major hospitality company in the US, I heard that little voice and still said yes because I really wanted to advance in my field and the pay was awesome and the experience was not like anything I had done before. Win-win-win, right?

I had a horrific experience.

The manager I was working with didn’t agree with the company’s approach and hardly gave me the time of day. So, I had six months to learn two very different systems with little or no support. Imagine going into work with the goal of wanting to be helpful and having staff look at you like, “what are YOU doing here on OUR turf?” Needless to say, I successfully accomplished my task (gaining some new grey hairs along the way) and heard through the grapevine that the company was going to immediately offer me a new contract with an attractive bonus opportunity.

The minute I heard that, my brain ping ponged in a dialogue of indecision. Maybe my recent experience was a just a fluke? Maybe things would be different in the future? And the bonus option, wow! But, the lure of working for myself, when I wanted and where I wanted, kept me in a state of flux.

That night, I went home to think about what I was going to say when presented with the new offer.

I decided to flip a coin. Pretty pathetic, right?

Actually, it turns out there is some science behind this: when you need to make a decision but can’t, your unconscious brain often starts working on the problem before your conscious brain catches up.

As the coin tumbled high into the air, my secret desire of not wanting to take that job came to the surface.

And then I knew what I should say Yes to.

I certainly don’t make all of my important decisions this way, or use this as the sole determinant when deciding on all things in business or life. But what I’ve learned is that, sometimes, it’s important to get out of your head long enough to see what comes bubbling up…and if you still aren’t sure, you can always go 2 out of 3!